Whats good bro,

Despite the belief that beauty trumps brains in a man’s search for his ideal woman, I strongly believe that intelligence is the most important factor in what attracts a man, notice the keyword “man” it just depends on which side you seated – a boy wants boobs and ass, a man wants common sense and class.


To be honest beauty is very easily attainable today thanks to modern plastic surgery magic but it’s also very short lived ask Lil Kim, but the brain is infinite. It’s hard to be around someone all the time and make togetherness work if they’re too stupid to put together a box, however, it would be a bonus to have beauty with brain but it’s a rare combination.


A relationship is best defined as a journey with mutual benefits that 2 loyal people embark on to improve each other, therefore the boy must die and become a man to realize that beauty is only in the eyes of beholder and although the criterion for being beautiful would differ from person to person – he alone can identify his “beauty” ….

There was a time that I was absolutely CONVINCED that I was doomed to live out my life alone. I had ZERO hope that a great girl would ever find anything attractive about me. I was CERTAIN that no high-quality woman would want to date me, let alone hang around for anything that could remotely be called a “relationship.”

Most painful of all…I truly believed that NOTHING WAS EVER GOING TO CHANGE FOR ME… that this lonely, unhappy, desperate existence was all that I had to look forward to in life. I only had that mindset because i was looking for the wrong things. Not good.

Well….If you know anything about me, you know that I eventually made a decision that would change my entire life, i decided that I was going to TAKE ACTION in a VERY big way…i decided to become a man.

Later bro


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