Hey bro

You alright?

Though to share this with you

Tattoos : there really isn’t any need to define the word, we’ve all seen a few, large sleeves with detailed art, a small bird inked behind a lady’s ear. They come in different shapes and sizes, some look like works of art and precision, some like a sketch a 2 year old had drawn.
Recently there’s been a sharp rise in the number of people tatted, it seems like everyone’s getting one these days and being someone who already has 3, at 22, I’m grateful mostly because a long sleeve shirt will cover all 3 up perfectly, a lot of people cant say that, still i regret more now, at some point if practically you were to look at it, it became more popular when stars and celebrities all seemed to be getting inked, i’m not pointing the blaming finger at them – No, they live a life that contains the luxury of just being themselves, we don’t. Besides that even, tattooing has been in most cultures for years, the equipments might have been upgraded, but tattooing itself isn’t the problem, it’s the abuse we – common people – do to it that’s the problem. My opinion behind tattooing has changed over time but to anyone I know that’s planning to get something done, if it matters to you that much – get it done, but keep it simple and somewhere you can cover it up easily, You’ll thank me some day 🙂

Later bro✌



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