Hey bro

I wrote this for booboo,

Bro trust me you’d like it as much as she liked it

It’s not perfect I know, but it’s like a rendition that plays on till today. Memoirs of life emphasised by contrast, but still end up making sense. So i wrote this purely from my thoughts.

To you – our counterpoint.

” A lot has been said, a lot has been done,
arguments lost and arguments won –
Riddled with false accusations – even if they were true,
can any of them really walk a mile in her shoes?

She remains strong, silently hoping,
Nobody knows, but she’s silently coping.
Problems compile problems never seeming to subside,
it’s hard to imagine she hasn’t been pushed to suicide…

He takes his time and grows fond of her,
to gain her trust and comfort her.
“She’s tainted” they say and he understands that,
But all he wants to do is fix her broken heart…

He speaks to her – honest & true,
and let her know to him she’s brand new.
That all the in the past, remain in the past,
so the love they’ve found could really last. “


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