At Royale park, ENjoying a sunny afternoon over at a friends.
At Royale park, ENjoying a sunny afternoon over at a friends.

First off, apologies for being away from blogging, I dont have that many followers but for as many that follow and read – Apologies. 🙂

Memoirs abroad – has always been an outlet for me to express occurrences in india, most of which have seemed hard and bitter. This post is to clear the air and really point out the reason i started this blog in the first place is not to deface Mumbai or india , but to show that there is a light at the end of every tunnel (i.e my “bitter” experiences are already paying off, keep reading 🙂 ).

Mumbai is a city where you will always find a group of people to fit into, maybe not for long, but there’s always another group at the end of every bend. Most things are easily accessible, and as much as the outside world perceives it as a growing city, the only difference really between both worlds is the language barrier. The nightlife, trends, gadgets, automobile, name it, if its possible to buy it here or get it here? someone would get it in Mumbai – that’s a guarantee, Even the negatives : Gangs (although few) are just as bad, The drug scene (although mute) is just as bad, Violence and aggression over things that can easily be overlooked runs just as high as it does anywhere else, for you see in mumbai, you can be the shortest guy around but if you are wealthy or you are known to hold power or know someone who does? you’d be seen as the biggest, its the same way everywhere really, Mumbai is just as far into everything as the outside world is. Mumbaikars wont like to admit it, but living here over time, anyone would tell you, ” It might look like its not, but Mumbai is right in front too ” .

I had little patience left after my first year in india got over and after joining college in 2010, it deteriorated even more. I applied twice to transfer out of india, first to Germany which was somewhat possible but my HOD dissuaded me from, the next year i again applied to ukraine and was almost done but the fear of imminent racism made me reconsider, whatever it was that was still keeping me here – i’d face, God knew best, why it had flopped twice.


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