2012 was one tough year, it goes without saying, but the good side of it was, that same year ; my hobby of graphic designing had revamped into a full fledged clothing company called EBONYTE. always found it weird, being treated different and the fact that i was NIGERIAN made it worse, it was like a two edged sword, personally in india, I’ve seen Nigerians take extremes they wouldn’t take in nigeria, in contrast to what people think, Nigerians dont use drugs, smoking a cigarette alone is a big thing in some areas, but i know Nigerians who arent doing “pleasant” businesses in Mumbai, rumour has it Delhi is even worse, i never talk about them or what they do, but the criticism from the people who are aware of the reputation of nigerians in Mumbai would be expected then, even though i didnt fall into that category.
This made it harder to accept walking into each day knowing you will be called “monkey” or “blacky” (mostly in hindi), and i felt we did deserve it sometimes.
I was determined to turn this around and it fit into the idea behind EBONYTE. i’d spent time speaking to my 2 closest friends (and now business partners) Dilip (my classmate) and nathan (a close friend from way back) and we decided to begin, as a clothing company that believes that everybody is just as equal and can achieve just as much regardless of appearances,as a melting pot for people who feel left out by societies classifications, EBONYTE would come to mean ” self esteem beyond doubt “, its what differentiates us. We unified trends from all across the world in our design and are quickly a niche for ourselves in areas of London, Mumbai and Lagos. All my senses were tingling when we first made our commitment to it, I always had the idea but had shared it with far too many people that let me down.It’s been a while now and is up same with there we sell our apparel, ideas and trends in the hope of correcting a mindset that segregates unfairly.


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