” Beautiful is your name,

wonderful is what you are to me.

Its you i see, in my dreams:

Everyday, i pray for you.

Queen of my life

You are so beautiful Mama, You’re beautiful…” – So beautiful by Asa

This is one of those songs that makes me remember and miss my mom, Although mostly sang in  Yoruba ( a major Nigerian language), it explains what mom’s go through, and how they really should be treated as gold,because that’s what a Mother really is, as precious as gold.

Im deeply in support of the notion that, we need to appreciate our mom’s no matter what, its really not a game carrying a child: attached to her for 9 months, it takes a lot, and to conceive and then the child ends up being a pain to them, isnt right in any religion.

There’s a big difference between being a tough guy or girl and shouting or disrespecting your mum, no matter what she says or does, dont forget you do owe her your life, even though she still struggles all through, to bring you up, you alone changed her whole world, but she adapted and still loves you…always.

If she ever gets to see this post ( although i doubt she would 🙂 ) –

i love you mum and i miss you a lot, i only realized how much you mean to me, when i came here and realized there isnt anyone who cares for me as much as you do, and there isnt anyone who deserves more from me than you.  🙂



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