I had to wait for my heart rate to normalize to write this,

What started off as a normal day, ended drastically, i wasn’t planning on it ending this way, but it did, to cut the long story short, i lost my temper. Its a feeling im still strange to, because by default i only lose my temper for maximum 5 mins, on this very occasion i had been locked in again. For some reason the guys in the hostel have always felt its funny to lock the “black” guys door while hes inside, now im not calling anyone racist here ( my best friends are indians ) but im saying these friends constitute a very small minority of open minded people, apologies for digressing…i had been studying for an exam i have tomorrow, only to find out i’d been locked inside, i was enraged,so as soon as i walk out, i hit first guy i see – shouted a little and walked right back in like nothing just happened.

Over the years, i’ve acted in a manner equivalent of a slave to his master, buttering up to people hoping they ignore the fact im nigerian and treat me fairly too, i’ve respected everyone and always spoke with courtesy, but today i wasnt going to let this one pass, a few minutes after the guy comes knocking, saying hes found who actually locked me in, at this point i was already sober and had to apologize deeply, because i know how he must have felt when i hit him, as i wasnt interested in going further into the matter, i apologized again and showed him out.

This post is dedicated to every mumbaikar and india —
You need to accept that Mumbai has and will become more diverse over the years, its only whats makes the city more glamorous, and is needed to help it develop. stop trying to kill that by being stereotypical.
–Nigerians have and will always be in india, bad or good ones, get used to it and carry on with your business, who are you to judge? if you have a case against any of us, by all means please inform the police, till then please don’t be judgmental of each and every one, its demeaning and annoying.
–Be careful with the side comments, if you dont tolerate them, dont instigate others by insulting them in hindi, because some foreigners actually understand hindi now and dont take too kindly to being insulted, who really does?

To anyone who’s understood this message, we are really all equals, black, white, hindu, christian, muslim, lets change the way we view each other, we didnt make ourselves how we are, and our maker (God) couldn’t have done wrong making us in the form, shape or color he did. and until we understand that, we cant get along, and there will always be innocent people caught in between, some you might even know…

….i feel a lot better now after writing this, its 9:49 pm and i think i’d better head back to study for a test i have tomorrow,

Love life and appreciate the best parts of it, because truely they all come free…JAI HIND 🙂


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