“What a life we chose
I’m sending this out to those
Who fell down, but then rose
I’m hot, I’m hellbound
With these flows, Cole
And when my story’s told
Let it be know I’d never fold
I took my time
I gave my soul
I watched you shine
But me I glow
I’m coming for what I’m owed
You know? “

Not everyone likes rap music and its understandable ( not everything “rap” is decent enough to listen to – AGREED ) but these lines from J-Cole’s intro have become a sort of mantra for me,that i could relate well with when i needed re-direction…Life, Actually isn’t as tough as we think it is,for you see, your future is yours for the taking, when you have such a mindset about life, it just gets a lot easier, because at the end of the day; nothing good comes easy, but only “the purposeful” know that. set your sights on where you need to be,work your ass off at it and just let the rest happen, expecting the worst, but still undettered because its just where you want to be…its just where you have to be.


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