I never really got a hang of how to start my posts, so I’ll start this right off in the middle, the middle of an argument that keeps going on between me and myself, of characters and behaviors of people who I keep coming in contact with, comparing them with myself and still not getting a suitable answer, I ended up with the conclusion that –
not everyone deserves someone who’ll make them happy, not everyone deserves your time if they didn’t appreciate it when they had it…I never wanted my blog to be a place where it’d seem like I’m cribbing the whole time, but the psyche behind actions people take these days beats me, beats all logic in fact, but to anyones going through what I mean, if there’s anyone out there aswell going through what I mean (that time when u realize that time isn’t a yardstick to judge the degree of any sort of relationship)… it doesn’t really matter, it actually doesn’t matter, you’re as special as the other person is, you should mean as much to the other person as they mean to you, there is an amount we push ourselves as people to be helpful and attentive to everyone else, if at the end of the day its taken for granted, why bother? It changes nothing, a true friend is always appreciated,taken for granted,but never forgotten,as paradoxical as it might sound…. its always applicable and always true…. 🙂


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