Chukkie in his hostel room (india)Its been one of those years,I don’t intend to sound melodramatic, but its been one tough year, got me thinking, what if this was it? What would people say when we’re gone, as odd as it sounds this must have crossed your mind (no, not when you were drunk or high) first off I was really bored that day, and this thought flashed through my mind, thoughts of the risks I’d taken, *sighs* what if it isn’t all worth it at the end? Its so cliche when I ponder or share experiences like this but we all know they do happen.

I don’t want to be remembered for the wrong I did,I don’t want to be remembered for trying and not accomplishing,don’t get me wrong, I get lots of love from family and friends but also despite and contempt from some few others, I want to be remembered for trying forgetting that I didn’t succeed, for forgiving forgetting I’ve wronged others, for giving and not expecting in return,forgetting I owe a lot to various friends.

“It isn’t over untill the fat lady sings” so when does, appreciate the times we had, forget about the times you couldn’t make it, the times you couldn’t be there, and for when you need me? live remembering the advice I would give if I were there, I’m not a saint or a mentor, I’m just the big headed igbo boy, who always made you smile when he could, appreciate me if you had my best interests at heart, because its always been mutual –
In the words of drake (or whoever he copied the quote of 🙂 )
“may your neighbours respect you…
trouble neglect you…
angels protect you…
and heaven accept you”

– Chukkie


5 thoughts on “when the fat lady sings

  1. nice 1 bruv,…..but dis 1 ur sounding like dis. dont let it all get 2 u sha. rmbr d key word…….”focus”

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