“some people sit around, and things happen, they dont need to move a finger

some push a few buttons, pull a few strings or wet some palms to make it work

some just cant get it right, they are stuck in limbo, where their concern still is on the problem, instead of a solution…

there are a million ways to be successful these days, a random viral video on youtube, the ” golden voice” from some cheap recording off a mobile phone, lets face it standing out now in whatever you do is just luck, talent is a thing of the past, 1 in presumably thousands is born into a rich family, not still-going-to-work kinda rich, i mean sit-at-home-dont-move-a-finger kind of rich, everybody else has to struggle in the same tightly-packed labour market.

The way i see it is,everyone’s actually got a path,you might deviate from it but when you do re trace and get back on track, its not as easy as its said to be obviously but, think of it, does it really hurt? in a world where life could either be very easy or very hard no re-takes, no pauses, no fast forward, just live it on the go, lemme take a second to deviate and say, I’ve noticed(i dunno if its just me), that when problems come, even if it is as simple as a buckle breaking, it starts to pile, and you just had to react quickly but couldn’t, the times when you look yourself in the mirror and you aren’t even cheered up one bit…that phase is what im going through right now, that phase where, you just seem cold to everything,most of the people you trusted just “up and leave” and you surprise yourself because you really aren’t bothered, you cant pretend to please anyone…anymore – Retrace our steps,the problem doesnt change thinking about it but the solution changes the problem,so you’re just going to do you and see what happens, “it would all work out” they say,but i don’t want to hear it, i’d rather just keep hope in God, might aswell give him an honest try… “


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