match day


its been on our minds since last sunday, football, the breezy ground, lush greenery, oooohhhh football, that perfect end to the week

the day starts off really light,you wake up, clean up, eat do whatever, but once its 4pm its go time, cleaning up your boots, thinking of whats going to happen today, and everyone came with the same feelings, as different as our faces were, so were our problems, on this day, just not any other day, our first tournament as a team, all our problems were left at home.

the previous day – saturday, was the start of the tournament in which we blew one team out, 4 – 1, the second game was more like it, 0-0 till the end, games like these  i get really aggressive, i mean the forwards were no where. it came down to penalties and i was up first, whoa! penalties, placed the ball on the spot….run up….shoots…..  ……… misses….. what a feeling, i felt like some weird wind just blew the morale out of me, i hung my head and walked away, i wasnt to be sad for too long though,  we won at the end, guess i was the worst penalty taker in my team.

Sunday, the finals, the best of the best, and trust me some indians can play football, good physical football, so it was no surprise when we were up against a strong brand of teams in the qualifiers, there were a few upsets though, a team of 13 year old’s beat a team of 25-28 year olds, what were the odds of that happening?.

Game time Chavara fc vs carlsberg united(or whatever they were called :|) the team had been changed a bit, a few new players and possibly more depth as a team, i remember this one guy, had blonde streaks in his hair, he was fast and i just had to stay on him, every single angle he kept coming from, tackle..slide..nudge..push the roughest game i’d ever played, God knows how we pulled through to penalties, i was up again, this time i couldnt miss…and i still did, no re-takes, carlsberg fc went on to win the penalties and we were out.

Funny how when you feel you’ve reached a position of leadership you feel let down when you lose, even when its not your fault…well, that wasn’t the case with me, i was happy i got out alive, i’d pissed a couple of people off and i just wanted to be home safe , couldnt care less about the tournament, as the match got over, i packed my bags and was no where to be found, running home, all i could think about was the problems ahead from tomorrow being Monday, but hey, there’s always next Sunday *smiles*


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