Brockle, Londonthe month long exams were just about getting over and i was sure every other classmate of mine was as relieved as i was, i mean, unit tests in February,and exams extending from the end of February to the first few days of April, there was “the joy of holidays” when it seemed like you’d spent forever waiting for the semesters end, those who already had finished exams(other departments), had either taken up jobs or were just going to be laying about till the new semester starts.

the first few days were fun, i and a few of my friends had gone that to this bar in churchgate(a lively and historical place in mumbai) called leopolds cafe, its not really a bar per say its just everything mixed together, coffee, good food and even a cold beer if you wanted, we’d gone to just hang out and be somewhere which isnt close by to where we all lived, a few pints and we were singing the national anthem and laughing our heads off, the only problem or stress was how far we were away from home,  still we werent going to bothered, we had come down all this way, had a few beers and were lost…virtually lost, we didnt remember our way home, for a while it was fun but when it started getting dark we got a way out and headed home.

i don’t know about you but i enjoy flying stop overs, it just gives you a brief look at what the country looks like, i was on my way to London finally after the much delayed flight from Mumbai finally took off, a few hours later we had landed in Amman and although im not one to judge or be quick to judge, the airport in Amman was way below par, it had just 1 phone for international phone calls and that one phone wasn’t even in service, it sorta screamed “Mumbai airport” for a sec, i had made friends with the person seated next to me as we traveled to Jordan, so the 3 hour wait was over in a flash, destination – London, big grin on my face, i dry my face and head towards my seat, cant say whats awaiting me but i’d been waiting for  this for a while…anything would do.


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