its a cold morning, lying in bed thinking of what is ahead of you that day,the people you intend to see, the places you intend to go, as you adjust to lie properly and steal a few more minutes of sleep, breakfast is already served – in bed…your driver awaits, he tells you of his drama filled life,although there might be some truth in what he’s saying, you cant help but think of melodrama injected into every line, a quick smile is your only reply, you’ve got too much of your own problems to mind others…the day at the office was a walk through the park, loosening the knot of your tie, you ramble through thoughts at which bar, pub or club you’d end the unstressfull day…”a few pints”  you said, why cant you walk straight then?, why does your head feel so light?…the flashing embrace you, its been one of those nights, had lots to drink with friends and colleagues, you’ve danced and had an awesome, basking in the euphoria of being at the center of attention, works good, you party hard almost every night, and have a steady relationship with a bombshell…….A splash of water wakes you, your niece chuckles and runs away,and as you scramble to get up after being woken up so suddenly,reality hits you, the reality where there’s no car,talk less of a driver, no breakfast in bed, no flashing lights, nothing, just you, stuck in the same struggling economy of modern day Nigeria, making all the moves you can to save a dwindling dream, no one ever said the good life was easy…the chores are done, dad’s reading the newspaper, moms off to work… with kindled hope and a folder full of papers, a smile starts to break, the dream the previous night is the least of your worries, its a new day, something new’s in store for me –  you open the crumbled note in your pocket “46, Isaac john street” its the time of the day again, another strike at making a difference.


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