The beginning

Coming to a country like India, think of It … vast greenery … diverse cultures … spicy food?? you know what I’m talking about because all I could think about besides these was, everyone would be dancing in the street or something (like in the movies) I had huge expectations nevertheless and just hoped it all works out, I’d never lived alone, I was 19, who really lived alone at 19? Couldn’t be bothered, I was just happy the 1 year waste sitting at home was over, the other one year was at aptech Nigeria but it lead to going to India and I learnt quite lot to get myself prepared for it.

Flying emirates first to Dubai,  was the last diversion at what living abroad looked at in my mind, I’d seen London but I expected India to be at par, ok not at par *shrugs* but at least it should be conducive, I arrived Mumbai on the 22nd or 29th of July (mid-July for sure, I remember it  clearly because it was raining a lot) prior to arriving I had booked a place to live, now, the pictures you get on the internet of how your apartment would look aren’t the real thing, at least in India they weren’t, *laughs* this wasn’t anywhere close to what the “internet picture” looked like, I got home later in the night,  by the time I got in I was too tired to get angry as there were 6 other guys in the same room with me,  the stairs could barely fit me(…ME! I’m just 65 kgs), I ended up sleeping with a smile on my face nevertheless, “anywhere would do as far as its not back home”

Fast forward to April 2010, (don’t get me wrong a lot happened and would still pop up later) I was living with my brother, a couple friends from high school and had made lots of friends as well, this was the epic point of moving to India, things were really nice, it was just good, it was nice to come home to meet my brother, talk to him, go out sometimes, make fun, hang out,  and still come home to a very decent apartment,  it felt like home, it was really good.

As it still goes on, I can’t say for sure what impact India’s had on me as to whether it’s been positive or negative, at the back of my mind there’s the thought that India is actually a safe place because I could walk around easily and the only thing I had to worry about were the street dogs, But at the same time I remember the dirty looks from people, the insults both in Hindi and English, although people remarked they weren’t racial, it obviously was because I’m black right?) after thinking about it, I always get mixed feelings, I’m either angry – because it’s been a messed up day and don’t need that crap at that time, i wouldn’t care – because I was too happy or filled up from junk food to notice, or irritated –  because I don’t see a reason to be racial I’ve met Indians darker than me.  India has taught me a lot though, if it’s worth it, it won’t come easy and I had to learn that as I was getting off hand while I wasn’t in school people tell me of the prospects after school gets done, maybe this is just the price I have to pay, the sad … sad … price.


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